2014 | 56 | 69 - 110
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La Tene settlement in Komjatice, site Kňazova jama
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During several rescue excavations (1977 – 1979) a part of the La Tene settlement was explored in the site “Kňazova jama”. The exploration outcomes, as well as the required material, have not been systematically processed yet. 6 sunken pits and one cultural pit were identified. The huts represented a classical middle La Tene type settlement with two-pole construction and a bench along one of longer walls. From the features´ backfill a relatively large amount of material was obtained, especially pottery. Small items and other artefacts were found only sporadically, in the form of small iron fragments, clay whorls, fragments of bracelets from sapropelite and glass, whetstones and clay weights. The pottery set contained, based on the way of production, groups of pottery produced manually and on the wheel. In all features pottery made on the wheel prevailed. As for the forms, there are mainly bowls with s-shaped profile and bowls with tapering mouth. Soft rounded profile prevails, and no single case of smoothed ornaments is represented in decoration. Alongside the bowls, more numerous occurrences were also determined for the pottery containing graphite, especially situlas and situlate pots decorated on the surface by horizontal combing. The manually made pottery was typical for its biconical and hemispherical pots and bowls with rounded or flat profile. In some cases they were decorated by plastic ornaments. Ceramic forms and types of decoration are very typical for the middle La Tene. Based on the absence of younger elements, such as oblique and metope-like combing, or painted pottery, it is impossible to confirm a longer life of any of the explored features. Bowls with slightly rounded profile and the absence of smoothed ornaments do not permit confirmation of their longer existence than the close of the LTC1. Such dating is confirmed also by the accompanying, chronologically more sensitive, material, i. e. a fragment of iron coil spring which probably corresponds to the middle La Tene scheme type of brooch, dated to the LTC1a – LTC1b – c. Moreover, the finds of two sapropelite bracelets, whose most frequent occurrence in the vicinity of Nitra can be determined between the stages LTC1 – C2 (Březinová 2005, 24). Beyond settlement contexts, also two finds of circular jewel made of glass come from the location. Both are dated within the LTC1 stage.
69 - 110
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