2016 | Vol. 11, No 1 | 41-55
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Pulse of economy. Identification, diagnosis, directions of development

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Samuelson and Nordhaus (2012: 436) claim that "There is no pattern in the type formulas, the trajectory of the planets or swing of the pendulum, which would be used to predict the duration and timing of business cycles. Rather, they resemble a change in the weather". Nogalski and Klimek showed that in the years 1995-2010, the Polish GDP was forming in a way that made it possible to describe it using a mathematical formula (2015: 302-305). Having done further research, the authors are trying to establish whether Samuelson and Nordhaus are right. In their search for the answer, they conducted research on the "rhythm" of the world economy, European economy and that of several European states, including Poland, basing on the World Bank (WB) data for the years 1983-2013. The paper presents the results of these studies and the results of the analysis of the development of the Polish GDP based on the Central Statistical Office (CSO) data for the years 1995-2014.(original abstract)
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