2018 | Vol. 23, No 1 | 35-49
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Sustainable Growth of International Financial Markets in the Context of International Capital Flows

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In relation to financial markets sustainable growth is usually understood in a simplified and one-dimensional way as a share of financial market in the flow of investment resources from investors to projects that form part of broadly understood corporate social responsibility (CSR). Sustainable growth is usually described as an interconnection of three elements: economy, society, and environment. In such an approach the point of gravity clearly shifts towards the environmental dimension (natural resources) and the impact of economic growth upon the environment. However, if we assume that sustainable development per se goes beyond environmental and social aspects, we need to consider whether we could interpret the idea of "sustainable growth of the financial market" in relation to how economic system operates. In the paper the approach in the context of changes that take place in international financial markets and their impact upon stability of relations in international economy is proposed. The interest focuses especially on one of these elements, i.e., changes in the volume and structure of international capital flows. Hence, the goal of the paper is to analyse selected international aspects of capital flows against the background of challenges to sustainable growth of the global economy.(original abstract)
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  • University of Lodz, Poland
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