2019 | 33(33) | 65-80
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Introduction to the essence of security and security strategy

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Ensuring freedom from threats to security subjects requires the elaboration of a security strategy. The relationship between security strategy and development strategy is the same as that between security and development themselves – one determines the other. For this reason, the purpose of this article is to discuss the essence of security and its basic conceptual categories, as well as the implementation of its provision through strategic efforts. At the beginning, the essence of the phenomenon of security is presented and the most important definitions are quoted. Similarly, the author discusses the concept of strategy and shows the evolution of its understanding. This allows to discuss the typology of security strategies and to mention the most important figures that became part of history thanks to their achievements in the theory of strategy, including Sun Tzu, Thucydides, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte. A few of the most important principles formulated by these figures are recalled, which may be important hints for contemporary strategists as well. Finally, the author gives the most important definitions of ideas related to security: the security environment, the interests of the security subject, opportunities, challenges, risks, threats, rules and methods. Their essence is emphasized in the light of the considerations presented above. The author concludes that the strategic categories are superior to the respective political categories and distinguishes three types of contemporary strategic actions. He also recognizes that the biggest challenge in terms of security is the prevention of threats, e.g. by means of stabilization activities whose essence is to maintain and promote the stability of the security environment.
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