2014 | 6(2) | 207-214
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Emergency Vehicle Driving Simulator for Typical and Extreme Conditions

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Modern emergency vehicle driver training demands the employment of organizational and technical solutions whichallow training in situations typical of the tasks that they undertake. Training in fast driving is one element of this process. Availabletechnologies allow us to supplement this process with training aimed at gaining an ability to react in situations too dangerous to beimplemented on the training track. Account must be taken of vehicle failures such as tyres bursting at high speed, as well as terroristattacks, chases in urban areas with heavy traffic, and so on. The driver must be able to deal with obstacles including blockages createdby other vehicles, react to deliberate collisions and attempts at “being forced off the road”, and use the vehicle as an instrument of force.All this should be undertaken in differing weather conditions with different frictional qualities of road surface and in different areas:mountains, plains, woodland, etc. The ability to implement such training in a cost-effective and at the same time safe manner canonly be done through the use of vehicle simulators. One of the few available solutions dedicated to drivers of emergency vehicles, thattake into account the requirements outlined above, is the Emergency Vehicle Driving Simulator for Typical and Extreme Conditions.
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