2011 | 3(2) | 247-254
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Modern Realities of Ukrainian Criminology

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Unlawful behaviour represents the pattern of legal reality and become an everyday occurrence for most members of society in Ukraine. Unemployment growth led to criminalization of different social groups and an increase in suicide rates, caused a negative reaction to any social changes as well as resulting in aggressive behaviour becoming commonplace. Loss of social traditions and moral norms is a consequence of rejection of traditional values, development of abnormalities in the society, and spread of unlawful behaviour into all spheres of life. The number of people who have committed offences and escaped lawful punishment is on a frightening scale and endangers national security. This situation is made possible in conditions where no measures are taken in order to reduce the difference between the amount of registered petitions and crime statements, and perpetrators brought to account - a third of whom are repeat offenders. It is evident that in Ukraine the punishment of confinement doesn’t perform its functions to the full as the amount of registered crimes doesn’t correlate with it. Further development of criminological science in Ukraine should be based upon synergetic approaches. Within that paradigm and with application of new research methods and a corresponding categorical apparatus we should expect evolvement of new theories explaining crime. On the other hand, scientists should not be scared of new competitive theories and should not give preference to one scientific school. Only diverse approaches present an opportunity to reveal the real state of crime in Ukraine. Practical use of scientific criminological theories should be the implementation of the acquired results into work of state power institutions, which are obliged to combat crime and secure rights and freedoms of citizens.
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