2010 | 2(2) | 229-240
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Value Guidelines and Social Roles in the Subculture of Hackers

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The hacker subculture appears to be a representative model of the inner cultural conversions occurring in modern culture on the path of transformation from industrial to postindustrial epoch. Hackers become creators of a new valuable -standard complex of orientations of youth, and also active initiators of considerable changes of the informational industry.Under the conditions of comprehensive international integration dialogue between cultures and exchange of spiritual and material innovations take on special significance. Openness of the global informational space creates incredible possibilities for interpenetration of various cultural systems and their achievements. But these processes are not equipped with a safety filter which is capable of defending both culture and the youth from negative innovations trying to penetrate it and having potential ability to implant and develop negative socio-cultural elements in practically any national culture. In Russian and Byelorussian segments of the Internet only self-taught hackers played the role of system administrators till about 2000. According to widening state participation in cyber informational space the administration of the net has conducted by the specialists prepared in the universities. From this point on “white hats” resist cracker attacks together with system administrators, although they do not always share hacker values.The subculture of hackers represents difficult structured inner cultural derivation: primarily into white hats and black hats. The latter include crackers-vandals, crackers-jokers, crackers-pirates, carders, phishers, phreakers, spammers who lean in the activity on club kids and gamers.
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