2011 | 12 | 133-147
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CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION FOR ADULT IMMIGRANTS IN NETHERLANDS - INDICATOR OF INTEGRATION OR DISCRIMINATION? (Edukacja obywatelska doroslych imigrantow w Holandii - przejaw integracji czy dyskryminacji?)

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The citizenship education for adult immigrants and its sociopolitical context in the Netherlands come under consideration in the article. The authoress ponders over whether the current way of organizing citizenship education for adult immigrants is the indication of integration or discrimination. In the first part of the article, the authoress presents the sociopolitical context of this kind of education. The second part is devoted to the procedure of integration test as well as to some basic rules and assumptions of civic integration courses. The third part of the paper reflects on the possibility of unequivocal assessment of the existing Dutch integration policy and its relevant component - the citizenship education.
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