2010 | 13 | 4(49) | 128-141
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MANAGEMENT OF COOPERATIVE'S HOUSING RESOURCES (Zarzadzanie spoldzielczymi zasobami mieszkaniowymi)

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Management of housing resources is binding from the first side with rising financial assets from people who live in this particular housing resource for its maintaining and from the other side is binding with the ability of effective use and management of those financial assets. In this article the efforts on the evaluation of effectiveness of cooperative's housing resources management has been taken. Due to carried out research and also on the basis of statistical data the Authors found out that the cooperatives' housing resources are managed in a modern way, according to the legally binding law regulations in respect to the laws of the people who live in it. The excellent prove for that is the smallest exploitation fee in calculation for 1 m2 in the cooperative's housing resources. In spite of the privatization the great majority of flats are still under the cooperative management. Moreover, the administration and management costs of those resources were the lowest in comparison to the other housing resources. The equipment of cooperative's housing resources with central heating system formed itself as a beneficial effect on the background of the council housing resources and community ones. In addition to that the biggest financial inputs on renovation and modernization were noticed particularly in cooperative's housing resources. These resources can be characterized as ones that have the lowest renovation gap and the high percentage of thermo isolation in use. In the summary of the work one very essential conclusion has been drawn. It says that housing cooperatives were exactly adjusted to the actual legal solutions of this kind of entities as housing resources and they took on in many cases the management role of the housing resources. In addition to that in many categories of the management effectiveness estimation the housing cooperatives were located on the top position among the others forms of housing ownership existing on the market.
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  • Iwona Drozd-Jasniewicz, Jerzy Jankowski, Krajowa Rada Spoldzielcza, ul. Jasna 1, 00-013 Warszawa, Poland
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