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2018 | Volume 6 (2018) Issue No. 1: Competitiveness of the modern organization: human, ethical and innovative aspects | 69-82

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The problem of concentration of agricultural holdings in rural development discourse


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The paper analyzes the problem of concentration of agricultural holdings and its impact on the development of rural areas. The analysis of this problem has revealed many problems of social and environmental nature. Sustainable tendency to increase the concentration of farmland does not have a proper positive impact on the development of rural areas. It has been noted that there are no effective mechanisms of influence of public authorities and local governments on agricultural holdings. The situation of increasing the area of agricultural land of farms of Myrhorod district of Poltava oblast, within the vertically-integrated companies has been studied. The mechanism of agricultural holdings’ involvement in territorial cluster to establish the cooperation on the implementation of social, economic, and environmental community projects has been proposed. It has proved the necessity of the consolidation of social responsibilities of agricultural holdings to support rural communities at the legislative level, where the companies use farm land for their work.



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