2011 | 9 | 205-213
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Cyberpunk: pomiędzy technologią a kontrkulturą

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Cyberpunk: between the technology and the counterculture
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The article is an attempt of ethnological interpretation the cyberpunk. He is considered through the prism of two crucial issues: relations which are occurring between people and modern technologies and problems of entangling cyberpunk into political discourses. Against this background the cyberpunk artistic work constitutes the word of the contemporary social unrest, of fears before totalitarianism of new technologies, and most importantly also criti-cism of the global capitalism and the consumer culture. All observations in the present article were based on chosen cyberpunk literature (both classical and published in last years in Po-land and all over the world), as well as on own field researches led in anarchistic circles. The cyberpunk art is becoming part of a context of social new movements which are protesting clearly and are undermining the existing cultural order. Adopting this double analytical per-spective allowed to regard cyberpunk both as the special type of popular literature, and the form of the counterculture movement.
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