2013 | 6(14) | 233-255
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Slovenskí kňazi v krakovskej arcidiecéze v rokoch 1920—1945.

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Slovak priests in the Archdiocese in Cracow from 1920 to 1945.
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Establishing a Polish-Czechoslovak border in summer 1920 made Poland include 9 parishes of the Spis diochese, namely the whole decanate from Niedzice. The decanate included administratively into the Archdiocese in Cracow, was officially called a decanate from Spis. Slovak priests administering it were still subject to jurisdiction of Jan Vojyassak, a bishop from Spis. Only when Poland concluded a concordat, and pope bull Vixdum Poloniae unitas jurisdiction over the decanate in Spis belonged to Adam S. Sapiecha, a cardinal and archbishop from Cracow. As a result of the changes in the Polish-Slovak border, in September 1939, the decanate from Spis returned to the Spis diocese, under a traditional label of the decanate from Niedzice (from 1872, that is the date of its formation). Only Slovak priests worked there, starting from 1 November 1940. Having changed a Polish-Czechoslovak border (on 20 May 1945) the decanate in Spis returned to the Archdiocese in Cracow while its jurisdiction was handed over to Adam S. Sapiecha, a cardinal and archbishop in Cracow beginning from 1 November 1945. In the second half of 1945 Slovak priests who still worked there, became all of a sudden the objects of brutal aggression of the bodies of the public and self-government administration of the county in Nowy Targ, Secret Service, militia and army, as well as some Polish priests: there are three cases of imprisonment, intimidation, and criminal threatening, forcing to leaving Poland before 1 November 1945.
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  • Katedra Historii Prawa, Wydział Prawa i Administracji Uniwersytetu Śląskiego, ul. Bankowa 11 B, 40-007 Katowice, Polska
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