2014 | 200 | 33-47
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Z problematyki ochrony praw konsumenta na rynki energii elektrycznej

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Some Issues about Consumer Rights' Protection in the Electricity Market
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Today, electricity is an important factor which ensure socio-economic development and improving the quality of society's life. It's hard to imagine the functioning households without electricity. The individual consumer, as the recipient of consuming electricity in the household must be treated in a special way and must be protected by law. We can see a trend occurring in all countries of the European Union to create instruments to protect individual customers. Energy law uses the new concept recipient acquiring power in the household. The new regulation of the Energy Law creates special protection of consumer rights. It introduces rules: concerning termination of contracts, the disclosure requirements of entrepreneurs energy and the specific rules for dealing with complaints. The legislature in order to protect the consumer has introduced the document constituting a compendium of knowledge about these powers - Collection of Consumer Rights. The energy market is unique, many of the concepts contained in consumer contracts - recipients have a technical nature, so was therefore necessary legislative interference in the consumer's rights.
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