2014 | 12 | (2)23 | 185-196
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„Święta” Sońka „od Niezliczonych Boleści” (o Sońce Ignacego Karpowicza)

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“Saint” Sońka of “Countless Sorrows” (on Ignacy Karpowicz’s Sońka)
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The author discusses Sońka – the new novel by Ignacy Karpowicz. There are numerous literary clichés in the novel. It starts with the fairy tale-like narrative frame, evoked by the phrase “once upon a time” (“dawno, dawno temu”) as well as the motif of Biblical catastrophe indicated by a phrase “just before the deluge”. In this framework Karpowicz places many scenes which imitate well-known literary or Biblical motifs in order to tell a story of love and desire between a village girl and an SS-Mann Joachim. Yet Sońka – a girl from Królowe Stojło – does not allow to be carried away by literary clichés, even though only because of them she could appear on the stage of a theatre in Warsaw. The tension generated by this “eluding” gives birth to the narrative about the events which occurred “once upon time” – a narrative focused entirely on the female body. Words describing the experiences of female body, whose impression last for the whole lifetime, are immersed in literariness. As Sońka’s body is “entangled in the spokes of history” so is she herself, as a created character, caught into theatrical machinery of the novel. Her story is entangled with “something more”, something exceeding the history itself, which turns Sońka into something more valuable: ’Saint’ Sońka of ‘Countless Sorrows’ – a character of hagiographic nature.
  • Akademia Techniczno-Humanistyczna w Bielsku-Białej, ul. Willowa 2, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała
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