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Metoda identyfikacji podejść do strategii

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Method of identifying approaches to strategy
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During the time of sudden and unforeseen changes, a company may not assume a single strategy and indefinitely continue to pursue its objectives. The phenomenon of globalisation transforms the company environment, the company employees and the company itself. A question which must be asked is whether the individuals managing companies are aware that when they are making strategic decisions they are always following a certain perspective of strategy description. For that purpose, the author of this paper presents various approaches to strategy management – ranging from traditional to contemporary. Nonetheless, the overriding objective of this paper is the presentation of the author’s own method of identifying approaches to strategy in management or more broadly, in strategic management. The nature of the method is the allocation of points/scores to features which characterise a given company, and the subsequent assessment of these features by that company. Both values constitute a weighted value which in percentage terms depicts the approach structure to a strategy within the analysed entity. The research conducted (presented in the paper), despite the relatively limited number of subjects analysed, suggests to a certain extent that the method proposed may be used as a tool to classify a given entity in relation to the individual approaches to strategy.
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