2018 | 1(57) | 187–193
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Ocena petycji w sprawie zmiany ustawy o ujawnianiu informacji o dokumentach organów bezpieczeństwa państwa z lat 1944–1990 oraz treści tych dokumentów

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Evaluation of the petition regarding the amendment of the act on disclosure of in­formation on documents of state security autorities from 1944–1990 and the content of these documents
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The petition contains a proposal to supplement the subjective catalogue of the lustration act in connection with the entry into force of the Act on the Metropolitan Union in the Śląskie Voivodeship, establishing the authorities forming the organizational structure of the union. The legal nature and scope of tasks of the metro­politan union means that in the doctrine this relationship was called a new institution of a local self-government. Pursuant to the provisions of the lustration act, individuals hold­ing positions in local self-government authorities are subject to the provisions of that act, therefore they should be subject to its obligations. The lack of explicit specification of these individuals in the lustration act raises doubts as to the intentions of the lawgiver. An appropriate amendment to the act would clearly determine the lustration obligation of individuals sitting in the authorities of a metropolitan union.
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