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2013 | 9 | 241-259

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Podróże do źródeł zła – wokół powieści Louis-Ferdinanda Céline’a


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Prose written by Louis-Ferdinand Celine, could be regarded as a classic of XX-century modernism, but as is usually is, this kind of creativity is not closed in the narrow framework. The most important and recognized novel by the writer is Journey to the end of the night, but the next book for example Death on credit can be clearly proven as equally interesting and bold. Themes for the work: anxiety, confusion, absurdity, travel, and general pessimism define a kind of literature that has found both as followers of other writers and loyal readers. World in books Celine is a purely human, and the people populating this world are being weak, selfish and evil, devoid of any positive qualities. The author makes a clear statement – that the world is not bad in itself, but the people make it so. In my work I have tried to find as many arguments supporting such a reading of the texts. But Celine is also a great stylist uses slang as the most important component of his work. The characteristic Parisian street lingo writer brings to perfection stylizing expression of the main characters in the spoken language, live, which is devoid of artificial treatments characterize the contemporary French literature. The combination of these two components, one hand gripping the innovative and modern literary or slang, street language, and the apocalyptic vision of the world in its plot has resulted in a fascinating aberration. Celine leads his characters through the horrors of the modern world: war, poverty, racism, slavery, colonies, highlights the misery and hypocrisy of the times in which they live. It does, however, by such means, which were previously overlooked or omitted for various reasons. In the case of Celine’s life and artistic creation to a lesser or greater extent intermingle which one another, which further heats the interest of the work of a writer with clean styling accused against his own autobiography. In Polish bibliography there are few positions witch describes writers novels. During its deliberations I have used mostly Maria Gołaszewska work of philosophy, and Julia Kristeva books, who for her own psychoanalytic interpretation „created” and throw distorted perception works. With this researcher I tried to argue very fiercely.







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