2018 | 20 | 3-11
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Další šachtová hrobka v Abúsíru – zatím více otázek než odpovědí (Jarní sezóna 2017 v prostoru velkých šachtových hrobek z poloviny 1. tisíciletí př. Kr. v západním Abúsíru)

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Another shaft tomb at Abusir – more questions, less answers (Spring archaeological season of 2017 in the group of the shaft tombs in western Abusir)
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During the spring season of 2017, the study of the texts and relief decoration in the large Late Period shaft tombs of Iufaa and Menekhibnekau in the western part of the Abusir necropolis continued. The final publication of the texts from the tomb of Menekhibnekau is planned to appear in 2018. At the same time, the superstructure of another large shaft tomb, dubbed AW 6 and situated to the north-east of the structure of Udjahorresnet, was completely excavated. Originally, it consisted of an enclosure measuring about 19.5 metres square and surrounding a huge central shaft (about 14 m2). On the numerous limestone fragments, no traces of inscriptions or relief decoration have been preserved. A limestone base (originally serving perhaps for a stela) was found in its original position in front of the northern facade of the enclosure; similar bases were unearthed in the centres of the remaining three sides of the original enclosure in 2015. Therefore, the tomb might have been used for the burial of its – as yet anonymous – owner. In the close vicinity of the original enclosure, no traces of a small shaft were found that would give access to the burial chamber situated at the bottom of the huge central shaft. Rather surprisingly, however, another shaft (measuring 5.5 m2) came to light close to the southwestern corner of the enclosure. Judging from its position, it might be either another embalmers’ cache or, more probably perhaps, the burial place of a family member (?) of the owner of AW 6.
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