2014 | 13 | 435-443
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O tratamento das formas de tratamento nas aulas de português língua estrangeira

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The treatment of the forms of treatment in the classes of Portuguese as a foreign language
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The terms T and V, based on the Latin pronouns tu and vos, are more connected with a specified society and its culture than with the language they belong to. The terms concern human behaviours and interpersonal relations and they change constantly as the relations evolve. The system of T‑V terms in European Portuguese is very rich, that is why its teaching is a true challenge. It is not really about the lexical terms, it is a combination of pragmatics and sociocultural factors, which, connected to them, promotes the creation and the maintenance of cooperative domain as the first step to a successful communication essential in the usage of the language. To be so, the lexical T‑V terms, as well as the pragmatics and sociocultural factors, create the unique matter of teaching/learning at classes of Portuguese as a foreign language.
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