2002-2003 | 15-16 | 181-196
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Najnowsze kierunki w dyskusji wokół modelu życiu seksualnego osób z głębszą niepełnosprawnością intelektualną

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The mentally handicapped are people whose mental development due to various impediments, has been hindered. Some of them, despite the difficulties they encounter in their development, are able, thanks to the properly conducted rehabilitative work and enormous effort, to adeąuately fulfill the functions which the society assigns to an average citizen. They graduate from schools, acąuire professional skills, start families and to a certain extent efficiently function in the everyday life circumstances. But the group of mentally handicapped also comprises those whose mental development has been seriously retarded. The are not independent, they require specific rehabilitation methods, as well as help and care. Although their mental development is retarded, their physical side very often develops quite normally, which means attaining sexual maturity. Their sexual sphere, developed properly on the physical and psychical level, strives for fulfillment in contact with another person. On the other hand, their being mentally undeveloped, resulting in social immaturity and inability to face the responsibilities of being a parent or a spouse (e.g. raising children, maintaining the family, solving family problems) becomes a serious obstacle in establishing a family. It is difficult to unequivocally decide about the justification for the existence of families in the case of people with a profound mental retardation. However, nowadays it is being discussed more and more frequently. We can observe different kinds of approach to the seriously handicapped. In this article, the author tries to shed some light on the most recent opinions in the discussion on the model of living in the case of the seriously handicapped. The author also tries to evaluate the opinions on the ground of Christian philosophy and makes reference to the research of Kazimiera Nowak-Lipińska - a researcher at the Gdańsk University - published in some of her works. The article is intended as one more voice reminding us about the important subject of marriages between the seriously handicapped.
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