2014 | 3 (16) nr 2 | 35-51
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Kompetencje Kongregacji Spraw Kanonizacyjnych

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Competences of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints
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The article discusses the issue of the competences of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. The Author begins with the origin of the Congregation. It is emphasized that this dicastery is one of the oldest organ of the Apostolic See. The Pope Sixtus V with the Apostolic Constitution Immensa aeterni Dei of 22 January 1588 created the Sacred Congregation of Rites. Thereafter, Paul VI, divided the Congregation of Rites with the Apostolic Constitution Sacra Rituum Congregatio of 8 May 1969 and created two congregations (sections): one for Divine Worship and another for the Causes of Saints. The Congregation is composed of the cardinal prefect, secretary, under-secretary, promoter of the faith, relators and consultors. The Pope has the principal functions in the dicastery. He creates it, indicates the priorities in the aspect of the current needs of the Church and approves each stage of the proceedings with a proper decrees. The procedure in the Congregation for the Causes of Saints has been indicated in the Apostolic Constitution Divinus perfectionis Magister of 25 January 1983. The beatification process has three stages carrying out in the diocese. Then, the documents of the diocesan process are sent to the Congregation.
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