2013 | 25 | 125 - 140
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Czym jest rozumienie w humanistyce? Próba odpowiedzi Hansa-Georga Gadamera

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What is Understanding in the Humanities? An Attempt at Identifying Hans-Georg Gadamer’s View .
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The aim of this article is to extract from Gadamer’s writings his view about understanding in the humanities and to confront the results of this research with analyses of other interpreters. The key to the epistemology of the humanities is the ontology of its subject and, above all, its object. The former has been characterized by its finiteness, historicity and irremovable assumptionism of cognition. To the latter two basic features have been ascribed: dynamism (it exists only as the motion of thinking) and indefiniteness in such, which is connected with the fact that it is not given, but created by the subject. In the humanities understood in such a way we can only have the existential, and not classic, concept of truth. The very humanistic activity is more about creation than cognition.
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