2013 | 160 | 9-21
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Polityka gospodarcza wobec zatrudniania i wynagradzania pracowników - aspekty teoretyczne i realizacyjne

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Economic Policy in Relation to Employment and Payroll - Theory and Implementation
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The goal of the paper is to determine the role and instruments of the state policy regarding labor market at the national level. It considers in detail the role of the state policy applied to shape employment conditions in public and private sectors in terms of its legal status and implementation. Moreover, the state indicates a significant framework for the scope, mainly by determination of the minimum wages but also, as an employer, by defining average and the highest wages in economy. Moreover, there is presented an analysis of implementation of this policy, in which such aspects as the level, dynamics, structure and pay of employees were studied. Poland constitutes the study area of the analysis, although sometimes there are made justified and necessary references to the whole area of the EU. The study period of the empirical observations covers the years 2004-2012.
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