2017 | 36 | 57-75
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Le lexique fantastique des deux côtés de la Vistule Exemple des traductions de La Cybériade de Stanisław Lem en ukrainien et en français

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Fantastic Vocabulary on two sides of the Vistula River. Example of translations of „The Cyberiad” by Stanislas Lem into Ukrainian and French
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The work of Stanisław Lem aroused a lot of interest and fascination with literary critics and readers. The problematics related to the translation of his novels presents also an increasing activity: we mention only work entirely dedicated to translations of Lem in different languages. Our purpose is to analyze how this literature works “on both sides” of Vistula: in Ukraine and in France. We adopt two approaches. First, we observe globally the presence of Lem in these two countries: which novels have been translated in Ukrainian and in French, by which translators and, more specifically, at which period. Then, we focus our attention on specific choices done by translators through the analysis of translations of The Cyberiad, fantastic novel which presents an important number of traps for translators. The analysis we propose is concentrated on neologisms which, in the original text, convey a humorous effect, in order to compare the strategies adopted by the translators in these two languages. The analysis is performed using methods from Natural Language Processing and linguistics, thanks to the creation and analysis of parallel and aligned corpora.
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