2018 | 51 | 319-328
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Różne aspekty podróży w literaturze koreańskiej

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Different aspect of travel in Korean literature Korean travel literature both formely and today focuses on different aspects. They are not only travels as themselves, but also philosophical travels and travels which allow to find own way in life. The Middle Ages in Korea is a time of travels by monks and Confucian philosophers. Then, the Joseon period changes literature into even more philosophical travels at the beginning of the reign of dynasty. Different historical periods have substantial influent on the Korean literature. Japanese occupation, exiles Korean to China or Japan, lead writers towards travel journals. They spill tears on the paper, describe observations in a foreign country, regrettable on their fortune. The Korean war and division Korea on north and south formed some now kind of travel literature. In the literature appear a phenomenon of travels to the “other side of Korea” for finding family members. Divided nation cannot deal with longing for relatives in the “second Korea”. Then we come to a time of economic boom in South Korea, which staring hard at the West, opens to the world and started to become interested in other cultures. Again, in the Korean literature, especially for children and teenagers, appears travel aspect. This time they travel to other countries, describing remote places, customs and cultures. Today, Korea is a vibrant, high developed country with the latest technology. It makes people get lost and in the travel literature again appears philosophical motive and travels to self-awareness.
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