2007 | 5 - Narody XXI wieku | 197-238
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Rosjanie na Łotwie - Problem statusu i praw obywatelskich rosyjskich mieszkańców Republiki Łotewskiej

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Russians in Latvia - the Problem of Status and Civic Rights of Russian Inhabitants in Latvia
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In 1991 the regenerating country of Latvia had to face the consequences of Soviet occupation, including the "colonization" of Latvian grounds by the influx of hundreds of thousands Russians supplying the industrial plants, offices and politics of Latvian SSR. The way that Russians and Latvians have been through if it comes to the relations between them was not straight, if we take the accompanying internal conditions and international context into account. Surely it also has not been finished and still requires the will of dialogue from both sides. Giving the opportunity of gaining the citizenship by naturalization, supporting everybody who was interested in getting civic rights and aiming at social integration Latvia has answered positively the question about the future of Russian inhabitants of the republic and challenges that appeared after years of occupation.
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