2010 | LXXXI (81) | 235-260
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Równowaga i optymalne sterowanie w n-kapitałowym modelu . wzrostu typu nonnemana-vanhoudta

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Equilibrium and optimal steering in n-capital growth model of nonneman-vanhoudt type
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The purpose of the article is to theoretically analyze the main determinants of long- -term economic growth by means of the n-capital Nonneman-Vanhoudt model. The model is an extension to neoclassical models of growth by Solow and by Mankiw, Romer and Weil. The economy is described by the general neoclassical Cobb-Douglas production function, in which n-capital factors are necessary in production, the factors being poor substitutes to each other. The article provides the reader with general conclusions formed on the basis this model.
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