2016 | 1(9) | 257-275
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Inwestycje w surowce w połączeniu z polskim rynkiem kapitałowym. Analiza ryzyka i efektywności

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The article presents the major categories and types of investments in commodities. Main goal of this paper is to examine whether the investment in Warsaw Stock Exchange index, combine with commodities, is the main component of optimal portfolio, characterized as portfolio with minimal risk. Article also establishes whether that traditional investment is the most important element of an investment portfolio with the highest efficiency. What is more it were found that all of the 29 analyzed investments in commodities are characterized by a weak correlation with traditional investment. Furthermore portfolio exhibiting the highest rate of return can be obtained from traditional investments analyzed in conjunction with investments in lead and gold. An investor who is looking for a portfolio with minimal risk should pay special attention to the combination of investment on the Polish capital market with investment in logs of wood and tobacco. Maximizing the efficiency gives the best results when shares listed on the stock exchange in Warsaw are combined with investments in gold, tobacco or beef. For those portfolios investments in commodities represents on average more than 85% of portfolio value.
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  • Politechnika Gdańska
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