2018 | 8 | 1 | 5-22
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Contemporary Catholic Studies in a Secular University: Friend or Foe?

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Through the introduction of a new hermeneutical model of communication in RE, this article intends to explore an innovative approach to developing Christian identi- ty in a secular university. The author holds a joint lectureship in religious education, catechesis and pastoral theological education. Religious education and catechesis are concerned with all aspects of the teaching of religion in schools, within the parish and any other pastoral setting. pastoral theological education is concerned with the place of learning within religious communities and the larger society. This distinction has resulted in this research proceeding along two parallel routes: the institutional educa- tional environment, religious communities and society as a background influencing our value change as well as the way we do RE in schools. The main concern of the author is to develop practical ways of enhancing the Catholic religious identity and theological literacy of students in the state secondary schools and universities in the UK, on the ba- sis of contemporary theological anthropology and educational theoretical foundations. This article is an investigation into a new understanding of the development of Catholic identity and new models of RE used in a contemporary secular university.
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