2014 | 5 | 1 | 75-87
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Sociální opora a emočně vôľová stabilita v období adolescence

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Social Support and Emocional Stability in Adolescence
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The issue of anticipation social support is actual topic because of detection important factors for positive development of personality. Emotional bonds are getting stronger with perception of social support. Subjective feeling of positive emotions and relationships is manifest with higher range of social and mental functioning, emotional - willing stability of personality. Emotional basement of personality is emotional stability, which represent relationship with the anticipated social support. The lack of social support make a negative influence on personality development and personality traits. Positive emotional relationsthips with parents are important for healthy growth of personality (Filadelfiová, 2001; Arrive, 2004; Vágnerová, 2000; Langmeier & Křejčířová, 2006; Grun, 2011; Kraus & Poláčková, 2001; Matulník, 2002; Matějček & Dytrych, 2002). The meaning of social support and partner's love is confirmed with research. The meaning of social support in adolescence is replaced from parents to life partner. Strong emotional relationship motivates, integrates and regulates (Vágnerová, 2000). Absence of positive and permanent emotional relationship hold the positive soul steadiness. The signs of soul unsteadiness are destruction of self-esteem and self-image which manifest unstable emotionality. Subjective survival of emotional and social disharmony influence mental problems - neurotic disorders, problems with adaptation, emotional and social problems (Kondáš, 2002). The goal of research was find out relationship of social support regarding with emotional-willing stability and adolescence relationships in their family. We were interested in level of social support and level of emotional- willing stability and perception of quality family relationships regarding with gender and actual partnership. The research sample contained with N= 120 respondents (men = 33, women = 87) in age 19 - 24 years old, M = 23, 97. The next criterium of research sample was the longiness of their actual partnership (min 1 year), N= 63 - I have actual partnership; N= 57 - I don't have actual partnership. In research we used methods: Own Inventory, MOS Social Support Survey (Kožený & Tišanská, 2002), Personality Inventory (Miglierini, 1987). The Personality Inventory we used because of focusing on the period of adolescence. We used subscales emotional- willing activity and relationships in family. We indicate the most important findings in choosed sample of adolescents. The higher range of perception regards with feeling of confidence. Other findings regard relationship in social support and emotional relationships to parents - between range of anticipation social support and emotional relationships in family exist important correlation, higher perception of social support regard with positive surviving of emotional relationships in family. Gender aspect mention to value of parent's behavior - positive evaluation of parents behavior is a criteria. Important is relationship to parent's behavior. Women - in adolescence are emotional more unstable and men have higher range of uncertainty and lower range of optimism and satisfaction. We found importance in social support regarding with timeliness of emotional partner's bond. The existence of partnership is connected with lower range of emotional steadiness, but higher range of perception social support we found with adolescents with actual partnership. In research was confirmed importance of social support relate to emotional bonds to parents and importance of emotional proximity of partner in period of adolescence.
  • Katedra psychológie, Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita sv. Cyrila a Metóda v Trnave, Námestia J. Herdu 2, 917 01 Trnava, Slovak Republic
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