1979 | 1 | 42-45
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W sprawie drewnianego kościoła na Woli Justowskiej w Krakowie

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Referring to the report by M. Kornecki and agreeing with it, thes author makes and attempt to present certain general problems associated with conservation doctrines in use nowadays. Voicing some doubts as to the present usefulness of the „Venetian Charter” and criticizing its Polish translation, the author points out that problems of rescuing certain cultural values should not be considered only within the framework of such a doctrine and that the notion itself is much broader. Hence, he considers permissible a „recreation” (and thus not a „reconstruction” ) of the building almost totally destroyed. Still, he does not regard it to be a conservation activity, as the latter (understood as both „conservation” and „restoration” ) must be dealing with an authentic substance, i.e. with a monument. It must however be remembered that there are branches of artistic créativités most strongly exposed to total destruction and that there are various other reasons which in some instances make it possible to reproduce something afresh when the original does not exist any longer, o r— just as in the case oT the burnt church at Wola Justowska — merely small fragments have remained. And thus by the very nature o f its building structure, wooden architecture is endangered with a total destruction, which can be best proved by conservation statistics o f the recent decades They fall into ruin because of inflammability and also ■— and this refers to house building in particular — because o f changing living conditions. The most dramatic illustration o f it is a total decay of wooden temples in Poland during the last world war. The only thing left is a valuable publication describing those most authentic and unique buildings. In the author’s opinion it would be justified to have one of them reproduced in an ethnographic park (e.g. in an open air museum of the so called „skansen” type). From that point o f view as well as because of the values pointed out by M. Kornecki, it would also be necessary to reconstruct the wooden church at Wola Justowska. Finally, the author emphasizes the need for a very faithful reproduction of the church in case o f its recreation, with full regard paid to its latest form and registered documentation. It must be noted at this point that a number o f „corrections” were made after the transfer of the church from Komorowice and these corrections prove to be a complete mistake. Thus, when reproducing the building, one should give the church the shape it had still in Komorowice, before it was pulled down and transferred to Wola Justowska.
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