2012 | 1-2 | 95-100
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Zespół Ekspertów – 10 lat w służbie ochrony zabytków

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The Team of Experts – 10 years serving the protection of monuments
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The Team of Experts was formed on the rising tide of the changes that occurred in our country and in the system of monument protection after 1989. An independent office of the General Conservator of Monuments which, apart from the Centre for Documentation of Monuments, needed a team of experts and specialists who could advise on adjudicating cases of the second instance. In the autumn of 1992, a decision was made that the Team of Experts on Architecture, Urban Planning, and Cultural Landscape would be created from the 1st of January 1993 as a department of the Centre for Documentation of Monuments. I was entrusted with the task of creating it in September 1992. An action programme was created at the time, along with an interdisciplinary team made up of a former member of the Team of Experts of the Interdepartmental Committee and new employees connected with Warsaw’s universities. In November 1993, we managed to create a list of experts, a group of several hundred people the help of whom could be used by both the monument protection services and the Team. We cooperated closely with the Regional Centres that we asked to prepare opinions on the cases from their areas. The Team of Experts mainly received cases investigated by the General Conservator of Monuments. In accordance with the 1962 Act on the protection of cultural property, we tried to protect all the monuments whose owners applied for removing from the register. Applications for removal were the inspiration to look for new solutions to save the monuments: the faience factory in Włocławek (the reason for organising an international conference on the revitalisation of monuments of technology), factories in Żyrardów and Sosnowiec, and the “Guido” coal mine in Zabrze. The Team maintained numerous international relations, the employees took part in courses, conferences, trade shows, and study tours, and our experience was desirable in the East (Kamyanets-Podilsky 1994). Our report concerning the church in Tum near Łęczyca presented to the main conservation committee enabled the use of financial resources, saving the church. We also began working on a new standard of urban documentation. However, field works and works on the conservation guide were discontinued after some changes have been introduced in the ministry. By the decision of the Minister of Culture and Art, the Centre for the Protection of Public Art Collections was transformed into the Centre for the Protection and Conservation of Monuments, and the Team of Experts along with the specialists was moved to that centre. In the autumn of 1998, the CPCM returned to its previous name and scope of activity, and the Team of Experts returned to the CDM. Unfortunately, the entire structure of the monument protection services has already disintegrated. The reconstruction of the Team in its previous make-up was impossible, and expectations towards the Team were limited. In 2000, after a new group of experts has been appointed and introduced under the supervision of the General Conservator of Monuments, a return to a strong monument protection service was no longer possible. This is why in 2001, I left the Team and took up the post of the Warsaw Conservator of Monuments.
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  • Prace w konserwacji i ochronie zabytków rozpoczęła w 1982 r. w Białej Podlaskiej. W latach 90. prowadziła Zespół Ekspertów ds. architektury, urbanistyki i krajobrazu kulturowego Ośrodka Dokumentacji Zabytków. Od 2001 roku pełniła funkcję stołecznego konserwatora zabytków w m. st. Warszawie. W 2012 roku przeszła na emeryturę, ale pozostaje czynna zawodowo.
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