2014 | 6(32) | 261-286
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Problem instytucji wojskowych w szkicach politycznych Carla von Clausewitza w latach 1816-1823

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The problem of military institutions in Carl von Clausewitz’s political writings between 1816‑1823
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The main purpose of the following study is to investigate the life of Carl von Clausewitz after the fall of Napoleon as well as some of his minor and less known political writings up to 1823. To better illustrate the subject, the article is divided into two parts. First and introductory one is a brief sketch of Clausewitz’s biography, particularly focusing on the fate of the former reform group and its relevance towards his further military career. The second section in turn analysis Clausewitz’s selected political works between 1816‑1823, especially those related to Prussian military institutions.
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