2015 | 2 | 111-126
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„Człowiek zrodzony z niewiasty (…) przemija jak cień, co nie trwa…” (Hi 14, 1a.2b). Śmierć i praktyki funeralne w Biblii (zarys problematyki)

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“Man born of woman (...) passes away like a shadow, what does not...”. (Job 14 1A.2B). Death and funeral practices in the Bible (an outline)
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Death has always been, is and will remain a mystery for man every day, including man biblical times. Bible ratio for both life and death is full of seriousness. At the corners of the Old Testament, in different ways, echoes the truthabout the transience of human life. In this paper it has been discussed biblical picture of death, which occurred as a consequence of the sin of our first parents. The human condition biblical times lived according to the dictates of Yahweh meets in the years to old age and is sometimes bliss. Among sinful men it causes fear and anxiety. Regardless of the human attitudes in relation to the death, one thing is certain - it is the participation of every human being. In addition to discussing the basic biblical terminology relating to the death discussed here also the most common funeral rites, about which the authors say books of the Old Testament. Among these habits highlights the way of relating to corpses and burying them. Here also raised issues funeral rites, the duration of mourn-ing and fasting, mourning and weeping. In the light of Biblical statements of the Old Testament prophets stated here that if the sign of death will be replaced with a peace sign, then death will disappear: "God engulf death forever" (Isaiah 25.8).
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