2021 | 2(278) | 75-90
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Autograf Jana Stefaniego i nowa edycja muzyczna «Krakowiaków i Górali»: Raz jeszcze o sytuacji tekstologicznej opery

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Jan Stefani’s Autograph Score and a New Musical Edition of «Krakowiacy i Górale»: The Textological Situation of the Opera Revisited
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This article discusses the textological situation of Wojciech Bogusławski and Jan Stefani’s opera Cud czyli Krakowiacy i Górale [The Miracle or Cracovians and Highlanders] in an attempt to combine the hitherto divergent perspectives and positions of researchers analyzing the libretto (especially Mieczysław Klimowicz) and musical score (the critical edition by Adam Tomasz Kukla). The author examines Kukla’s edition in the context of current philological research on the libretto, and indicates its debatable premises, namely the insufficient consideration of this research and the use of the Lviv version of the text, regardless of it being known as faulty. He also voices doubts regarding the position taken by Klimowicz, the author of the most recent literary edition of the libretto; these doubts concern the assessment of Stefani’s autograph score and the resulting problems. In conclusion, the author argues for accepting the earliest possible dating of the score autograph (the 1974 premiere) – contrary to Kukla’s overly cautious approach – and, taking this hypothesis into account, proposes a new interpretation of the opera’s textological situation.
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