2016 | 4 | 139-147
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Droga Michała Lengowskiego do literatury

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The Way of Michał Lengowski to the Literature
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The paper, which was created on the basis of available sources, constitutes reconstruction of the Michał Lengowski's biography - the first post-war chairman of the Polish Writers Union in Olsztyn. The author recalls the motions of life of this forgotten patriot, community worker, who come from the simple peoples of Warmia and did his best using all possible means to maintain Polish national identity among citizens of the East Prussia before the World War II. The author points at Lengowski's beginnings of the poetical works, whose first poems may be considered in the category of the functional literature. The author writes also about Lengowski's cooperation with the editorial office of the "Gazeta Olsztyńska".
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  • ród³a
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