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The Rhetorical Structure of John Chrysostom's Seventh Homily on Philippians in Relation to the Kenosis Hymn

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The purpose of this study is a description the rhetorical structure of John Chrysostom s seventh homily on Philippians in relation to the kenosis hymn. The analysis aims to identify and characterize individual structures within the homily. This is done with a view to highlighting the delibrate usage of rhetorical argument as an instrument for biblical text analysis in the construction of Chrysostom s sermon. The study includes two sections. The first one is a theoretical introduction to St. John s style, followed by investigation into the origin of the homily. The subject matter of Chrysostom s work is also discussed. The second part of the article is a thorough description of the structure of John s text. The chapter is a detailed and systematic analysis of elements showcasing the author s rhetorical skills.
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