2017 | 1(15) | 54-59
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Ukraince in the german media in the xontext of political transformations in the interwar period (based on the materials of daily “Dilo”)

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This article presents the analysis of thematic, historical and political spectrums of the “Ukrainian” content in the German newspapers and magazines of the interwar period. As a source base for this scientific work the authors analyze the newspaper and magazine journalism of that time, which allows not only to keep certain historical episodes (konstatives), but also (in some way) to reflect the views, needs, intentions, challenges, promises as well as German political and social factors in terms of disillusionment of Ukrainian patriotic forces (performatives). Nazism and Bolshevism skillfully used propaganda to achieve predatory targets, therefore it should be a lesson for the future generations, also the importance of conceptional media in Ukraine and Poland should increase.
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  • Druhoi svitovoi viiny: Monohrafiia, Lviv: Za vilnu Ukrainu, p. 128.
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