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Rawa Mazowiecka - program konserwatorski

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Rawa Mazowiecka is a typical Polish town with a rich historic past; its successive stages o f spatial development have got accumulated in layers and have been largely preserved to the present day. In the second half o f the 14th century the town was located on the grounds with rich settlers’ traditions, going back to the early days o f colonization. It was also at that time that church complexes were founded and the castle was built. In the 16th century the town flourished. In 1613 a Jesuits’complex, dominating now over the Market Place, was erected. In 1776 a Jewish settlement was established there. The present outline of the town is largely the outcome o f the town regulation undertaken in 1817, although a principal scheme of the streets dates back to its location time. It was also in the 19th century that the majority o f historic buildings, found mainly in the frontages of the Market Square, were built. During the 2nd World War Rawa was destroyed in 60 per cent; at present the town is being expanded both in respect o f housing and o f industry. The conservation programme envisages protective zones for the Old Town complex and for the remaining complexes as well as for historic structures. The Old Town complex should assum* the function o f a residential district with a servicing network о a specialized nature in the field of administration, culture, trade catering and handcraft. It is necessary to study the absorptiveness o f the areas o f historic merit in the centre of the town with regard to the size and programme of services. Transit traffic should be eliminated from the Old Town complex; the streets should be used for interior traffic and for pedestrians only. The existing old buildings and historic lines o f their outline must be preserved within the conservation zone. New projects should be bordering and their dimensions and character must be in line with the nistoric surroundings. It is also necessary to put plants in residential districts and to provide play-grounds for children. Still another task is to restore the original architectonic decor and shape o f oriffices in the elevations o f the houses according to the existing iconographie records. Of importance is also a maintaning o f ridge roofs, ceiled with sheet iron or tiled. The colouring o f plaster should be in line with the character o f the 19th-century buildings.
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