2014 | 5(31/1) | 335-343
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Mobilizacja polityczna irackich jezydów po roku 2003

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Political Mobilization of the Iraqi Yezidis in the post‑ Saddam Iraq
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Iraqi Yezidis living in the mountainous areas of northern Iraq have been for centuries struggling to survive and preserve their identity. Once mistakenly recognized as worshipers of Satan, they had been sentenced to constant harassment by the Muslim majority. Stubbornly declaring their ethnic and not only religious individuality, they fell into conflict with the majority of the Kurds, with whom they shared the misery of the worst repression during the Baghdad regime. The overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003 significantly activated the Yezidi community. The new political situation in Iraq opened the way for the revival of their culture and sociopolitical integration of their whole community. Since 2005, they have had their representatives not only in local institutions of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, but also in the Iraqi parliament. The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the changes in the socio‑political situation of the Iraqi Yezidis in the post‑Saddam Iraq.
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