2016 | XVIII/3 |
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Tytuły współczesnych czasopism jako werbalno-wizualne znaki rozpoznawcze ideowych wspólnot (na wybranych przykładach magazynów dla rodziców)

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Titles of contemporary magazines as verbal and visual identification marks of ideological communities (a case study of selected magazines for parents)
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Assuming that titles not only indicate but also mean the Author scrutinises two titles of contemporary magazines for parents (gaga, kikimora) extracted from an initially characterised group of 32 Polish magazines for parents which are available on the market. The Author treats them as identification marks, labels which identify ideological communities of parents gathered around a given medium; it is crucial that the communities share the same idea of „parenthood/childhood”. She thoroughly examines the semantic layer of the said medionyms which is reconstructed in the study of interactions of the semantics of their verbal and visual spheres. In the presented fragments the analysis is focused on: 1) etymology of the title, 2) relation between an initial appellative or onym (in case of transonyms) and the examined magazine title as well as the idea of parenthood/childhood popularised by it, and 3) connection between the content and connotation of the title-word and connotations of visual elements of notation of this word such as a shape of lettering lines or graphic combination of signs, and the relation between semantics of the title reconstructed in such a way and an ideological profile of the magazine, and thus a sender-receiver community. Semantics of particular magazine titles built and reconstructed in such a way indicate various ideological characters of a magazine’s popularised/expressed profile of the „parenthood/childhood” notion.
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  • Katowice
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