2015 | 51 | 76-83
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Imprezy kulturalne organizowane na terenie Cysterskiego Zespołu Klasztornego w Lubiążu i ich znaczenie dla turystyki

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Cultural events held in the Cistercian Abbey in Lubiąż and their significance for tourism
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The monastery and palace complex in Lubiąż is a magnificent example of Baroque art in Lower Silesia and part of the highest quality European cultural heritage. It owes its glory to the Cistercians. However, over the last two hundred years, the condition of the buildings has gradually deteriorated, with the Second World War and the post-war period being particularly destructive. Today, various forms of promotion are sought to save the Lubiąż Abbey; these include commercial and cultural events like the Electrocity Festival or concerts during the Wratislavia Cantans Festival. A question arises whether these events can have any major impact on the restoration of the site. Is there a link between them and the development of tourism in Lubiąż? The author’s reflections are based on an analysis of the available source information, on a free-form interview with the President of the Lubiąż Foundation, and on a survey performed among the participants of the Electrocity Festival held in the former Cistercian Abbey. In addition, the article demonstrates the value of the historic monument of Lubiąż and of its Cistercian heritage.
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