2010 | 14-15 | 73-81
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Trolling, Freepolboks, Broadcast Yourself!- the limits and crossing over in the most recent media

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Trolling, Freepolboks, Broadcast Yourself!- granice i przekroczenia w mediach najnowszych
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In this project, the Author has convinced, that the network system may also be treated by the agreement as the multiple bond, which always creates more than one recipient and participant. The place, which was and still is the biggest impact on the ration - is the Network (internet) forum society, which creates possibility of temporal action without consequences during the principle relationship of third steps. It is very important to emphasize, that Author has treated the third step as reader post, which is geared entry. The Entry, which should exceed the limit - there is no basis meaning how? or Whether? The Author shows - what we call 'trolling' today in virtual reality - not only Polish is in his assessment of his main point of research in these attitudes and behaviour on the Internet. Following this research, reader will come across three main steps, which has defined moments in the act of transgression and crossed the borders of communication in the polish internet space. The first one relates to launch server with first free mail services, called 'free,'. The Crossing border was here itself a wish for participate in the Network, because for recipients it was an alternative form of existence. As the author has convinced - mainly after late hours, when the cost of the combination diminish the half. The second step - 'The Children of Neostrada - the exceedence (almost) consciousness' presents a wide aspect of new generation, in who we can observe a constant oscillating between the border decency, foreign sense, which allows us understand the users of the medium. Moreover, this aspect makes the potential users a feeling, that he is necessary, because only in this way the web triad will be fulfill and the specific relationship communication will take a place. The Last third step, so far called 'Broadcast Yourself!-mine revolution...' is a foundation of the most powerful and popular website youtube. The Username of youtube service is already a real end of internaut's road. It seems, that this phenomenon has opened and closed at the same time the limits. The claim, that if something does not have the youtube, which means - nothing has it at all - it starts acquire an increasingly real shapes in the Age of Web 2.0. The Popularity of Youtube service also proves, that famous anonymity in network - which as the Author has called the limit of many activities - has already been long exceeded and maybe it could even never existed, because each individual user is proud of subsequent clips, fight for their subscriptions channels, he exchanges files, what means - that participation in there shall be fully. The Last conclusion calls Youtube as revolutionary platform, which allows see one of the most recent existing media borders exceeded. The Username: Broadcast Yourself! directs internet users in to divisions, which are in constant broadcasting process.
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