2014 | 8 | 52-66
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Historyczny kontekst powstania Katechizmów Lutra i Katechizmu Heidelberskiego

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The Historical Context for the Creation of Luther Catechisms and Heidelberg Catechism
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The two main streams of Reformation in the XVI century, although differentiated in many aspects, had one common point of reference. That particular ground, where the common goals took over the historically conditioned difference of interests, was based on the most important reformation catechisms – the Lutheran and Heidelberg catechisms. Created in 1528-29, Luther’s catechisms played a vital role not only in church and domestic teaching processes, but also in creating the basis for the doctrine of a new church organisation and in shaping the principles of social life. The important innovation of the Lutheran perspective in his catechism is presenting the Decalogue in material connection with its subsequent parts: Credo and Our Father. The logic behind that order reflects the message in Lutheran teachings of justification and forms the practice of Lutheran prayer life. The Heidelberg Catechism, commissioned by Frederick III, sovereign of the Electoral Palatinate in 1563 A.D. was also a work supporting the introduction of a new, evangelical-reformed church order in the Palatinate. The authors and the Prince were not only motivated by their concern about Christian upbringing of the young people, but also by the need to introduce changes to education, administration, army and the Church.
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  • doktor teologii ewangelickiej, tłumacz. Zajmuje się historią teologii ewangelickiej w XVI i XVII w. Autor licznych artykułów popularnonaukowych z cyklu „500 lat Reformacji” w „Zwiastunie Ewangelickim”, tłumacz książki O. Wagnera „Kościół macierzysty wielu krajów. Historia Kościoła ewangelickiego w Księstwie Cieszyńskim w latach 1545-1918/20 (2009), współautor książki „Reformatorzy” (2013).
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