2015 | 28 | 55-71
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Translating Polish Fantasy – translational challenges and problems concerning culture‑rooted elements

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Tłumacząc polską fantasy – wyzwania i problemy tłumaczeniowe związane z elementami kulturowymi
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The present article discusses the difficulties and problems that a translator may face while translating Polish fantasy novels into English. Special attention is given to the characteristics of this literary genre and its history in Polish literary tradition. The second part of the present article is devoted to possible challenges of translating the fantasy genre presented by Guttfeld [2008] and those concerning the rendition of elements rooted in cultures discussed by Hejwowski [2004]. The third part contains selected examples of culture‑bound items, along with their translations, derived from two available translations of novels written by Polish fantasy author – Andrzej Sapkowski. The aim of this article is to show how difficult and challenging translating fantasy genre is, whose popularity currently increases.
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