2015 | 9(53) | 260-265
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The urgent problem today is English language learning across Ukraine because nowadays Ukraine is joining the European Union so it means the co-operation between member states. Among the many languages in the EU English is one of the official and working languages. During our research it has been stated that the pupils often are faced with different problems while learning English. But listening comprehension in English is more difficult and more important for learners to master. They can look up unknown vocabulary in dictionaries and use reference books when reading and writing a text in English, which is impossible when listening in English. In addition, the teaching of listening has attracted a greater level of interest in recent years than it did in the past. University entrance exams, school leaving and other examination now often include a listening component, acknowledging that listening skills are a core component of second language proficiency. There have been a number of attempts to define the listening skill in the literature. In this article we offer some definitions of listening of some foreign researchers. The goal of the article is to find out the reasons why listening is difficult and to give some ideas on how to tackle them. We have analyzed the problems of listening comprehension during English lessons at schools. The reasons why some pupils find listening in English language difficult vary just as much. There are some of them: they just don’t know the most important words; they are trying to understand every word; they don’t recognize the words that they know; they have problems with different accents; they have a mental block; they are distracted by background noise; they can’t tell the difference between the different voices; they can’t cope with not having images. It was proved that listening plays a crucial role in the communication process, in general and in language learning in particular. Nowadays we have a lot of opportunities to improve our language. Some important conclusions were made concerning the effectiveness of the improving of students’ listening comprehension. The main of them is the Internet. So, in this article we suggest some useful websites for English learners.
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