2014 | 199 | 82-91
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Przedziałowe sterowniki rozmyte w zarządzaniu informacją o zanieczyszczeniach powietrza

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Interval-Valued Fuzzy Controllers in The Management of Information on Air Pollution
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This article is a continuation of research on the possibilities of the use of fuzzy logic systems and higher-order fuzzy logic to control the air filters to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides. The control process is non-linear, therefore, it is reasonable to use the fuzzy controllers. Described in this paper an interval-valued fuzzy controller (in sense Mamdani) uses interval-valued fuzzy sets compartments. They describe the use of terms of linguistic levels of nitrogen oxides at the input of the system and the degree of opening of the metering valve in the filter ammonia, based on data obtained from an expert. Using IF-THEN rules interval-valued fuzzy controller calculates the value of the output of the filter set on the basis of the analysis of data-input. The results obtained are very highly consistent with the data provided by the expert and better compared to those obtained with the traditional fuzzy controller, the use of which is presented in the articles.
Physical description
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