2018 | 3 | 49-73
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„Nesaturovanost“ Tradice církve

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The „Non­‑saturation“ of the Tradition of the Church
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The goal of this article is to contribute to current theological reflections on the category in which the Second Vatican Council describes the historical development of the Church: the Living Tradition. In dialogue with the social sciences we attempt to explore this Church existence in its openness as unsaturation of its present form. The interest in perceiving the Church as an open system and as an emerging structure is supported by both the theological view and the social sciences view. The social sciences point out the need for coherent cooperation between the human factor and the products of reification, which form the tradition of every intersubjective community of people united by common interest. This openness of the Church, of its life and of the theological reflection outlines a new direction in thinking about the Church’s service to humanity in its role as the sacrament of salvation for the entire world.
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