2012 | 13 - "Stare" i "nowe" mocarstwa w Afryce - stygmaty kulturowe, religijne, polityczne, ekonomiczne i społeczne | 321-343
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Wykorzystanie przestrzeni społecznej do manifestacji władzy w Lomé stolicy Togo

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Use of the social space for manifestation of political power in Lomé the capital city of Togo
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The social space generated for the political power is functional as the place of government and official residence of governing people. It is also symbolic because it expresses the prestige of power and the accepted ideology. The official buildings are the appropriated means to deploy the image of power. The paper presents some official buildings in Lomé, capital of Togo, and analyses their symbolic signification. As first example, it is the Governor Palace, huge, nice building constructed at the beginning of 20th century, used were changed their significance over time. As a second example service buildings constructed at the Place of Independence around the Monument of Independence. The author argues the recent history expressed through official buildings shows that it is difficult to construct the imagery of hopeful future in Togo because there are no clear and solid „lieux de memoire" that can serve as roots.
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