2014 | 26 | 19-37
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Poglądy Seneki na temat samobójstwa i ich znaczenie dla współczesnej debaty w zakresie dopuszczalności eutanazji i samobójstwa wspomaganego

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Seneca’s views on suicide and its relevance to the contemporary debate on the acceptability of euthanasia and assisted suicide
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The main purpose of this article is to analyse the ideas presented and formulated by Seneca the Younger and Marcus Aurelius on topics related to suicide. At the same time I also try to present their importance and validity in various debates based on both legal and philosophical aspects to allow assisted suicide and euthanasia. Assisted death (suicide) presents a serious issue in a legal sense, as we witness some sort of collision between our statement of will in relation to our life, and, on the other hand, attempting suicide or aiding someone to commit suicide, both of which are considered criminal offences in a large number of legal systems around the world. In numerous debates on assisted suicide it needs to be remembered that even in liberal thoughts emphasized by Stoics there are certain limitations and restrictions. However, this article is not only concerned with Stoics’ thoughts and arguments in favour of assisted suicide in everyday life but it is also an attempt to emphasize the legal aspects of aiding someone in committing suicide. Finally, the article brings up the question of how far the law should interfere into a human will despite protecting it and turning a will into an offence.
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